Friday, April 8, 2011


Yoko Ono:  I can't think of the right words to describe how amazing this lady is to me. 

Throughout my last stint at art school, I developed some pretty harsh feelings towards contemporary visual art and it hasn't stopped growing out of control ever since.  How effective is contemporary art really in the scheme of things? Has all art become a means to create big, abstract, narcissistic and indulgent self portraits?  Does anyone who isn't an artist actually care?

Well, clearly after that tangent, I'm no admirer of most of today's art.  I do have a point, however!  Yoko Ono is one of the few visual artists, perhaps in all of history, to have reached the masses and convey her message as effectively has she has.  And all with a beautiful mandate: Peace.  She's a selfless lady with a passion for harmony and happiness and she couldn't express it in any better way.

I initially wanted to make a whole post dedicated to her, but then realized that I could never encapsulate all the wonderful things she's done in one mere post.  So, I'll fragment it in a series of posts and start off with: Grapefruit!

Considered a staple in the Fluxus movement.  She wrote it in the in the form of "event scores" in the early to mid 60's.  Here are a few examples of some pages.  Why don't you give em a try!

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